Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Cake and Cookie Ideas for Next Year!

 So I baked these LAST YEAR.  I didn't have a chance to post them before Christmas last year so I saved them for this year.  AND FORGOT.  So now I'm posting them for an idea for next year. 
 Most unorganized baker/blogger EVER.  Anyways, I found inspiration for these cookies on some stickers I bought from the Dollar Tree.  They are super cute and I usually do them every year.  The best part of decorating is finding the inspiration in cards, stickers, or decals--especially if your friend gave you a card and you incorporate the design in cookies for them. 
 I baked these cookies for a church bake sale last year.  I hope they raised a lot of money for the church!  I told them to charge $5 a cookie, which is reasonable, considering how much time and effort went into them.  Most of these cookies are quite large. 
 And they all have some edible glitter.  Which should add at least $1 per cookie.  That stuff isn't cheap. 
 But they went to a good cause :)
Here is my Santa Cake!!  I followed Royal Bakery's tutorial.  She is AMAZING and her tutorials are great for beginners. I cannot recommend her enough!

I hope this is inspirational for your baking next year ;)

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